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    St. George Exterminator – Who’s the best pest control in St. George?

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    Who’s the best pest control in St. George?

    Well, it’s easy for me to say that Bulwark is the best, but don’t just take my word for it.  Try searching local pest control St. George UT reviews.  Reviews like this one…

    Good Technician Review – Marvis? – harmongt? – Aug 15, 2009

    “Our recent visit by Marvis was excellent. He was very careful and did a great job making sure we were taken care of. He paid attention to my latest concern areas and I feel he cared for his job and took pride in his work. It is very nice to see someone that cares and does a good job instead of rushing to get done. He was efficient and fast, but took a genuine interest in doing a thorough job. Thank you Marvis and thank you Bulwark!”


    George Harmon

    Thanks for taking the time to compliment our pest control technician.  Marvis is a great employee.  We are happy that he has taken to heart the company’s philosophies.  We want all within the Bulwark family to be happy; employees, customers, managers, and owners. Bulwark employees work to keep everyone in the Bulwark family employed.  We serve our customers so that they stay with us and keep food on our tables.  Customers get a bug free home.  Win-win, its the best scenario.

    Be sure to consider Bulwark’s All Natural Pest Control services as featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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    The sting of the scorpion – medical information

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    The scorpion sting is not an experience individuals should seek after.  No matter how mild or intense an individual’s reaction, a scorpion sting is painful.  Some consider the sting to be similar to the sting of a bumble bee. While others experience nausea, vomiting, burning sensations, and even temporary paralysis.  The reaction is based on both the type of scorpion, the venom carried by the scorpion species, and by the individual, their allergies, and their bodies ability to metabolize the venom.

    The good news is that most scorpion stings are non lethal. Most individuals will not need medical attention.  Children and the elderly are at an increased risk due to the frailty of their bodies.  Body weight often determines the bodies ability to metabolize the poisons. If stung and you feel an adverse reaction then call the poison control center.  If you experience trouble breathing then you should immediately go to the local St. George emergency room.  Breathing problems are what ultimately determine if a scorpion sting is fatal or not.  Essentially the toxins in the scorpion’s venom can cause the victim to stop breathing, making the scorpion sting deadly. So monitoring the stung individual’s breathing is the most vital step in protecting that individual from potential death.

    Bulwark Pest Control has protected over 20,000 scorpion troubled homes in the US.  For even better coverage ask about our Scorpion 20/20 protection plan.

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    Wingless Ladybug Pest Control

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    Where do we draw the line?  Is it okay to alter a ladybugs DNA for the sake of  “natural” pest control?  How natural are wingless ladybugs when they were genetically altered by a human?  What’s better for the enviroment a synthetic pesticide based off of a botanical, or a generically altered wingless ladybug?


    Yes a wingless ladybug does sound appealing for those that want to grow organic foods, but that stinks a little bit of cheating.  It like those politicians that bang the global warming drums while owning a  SUV, and living in a very large home that eats 10 times the energy as an average home.  Perhaps the better word is hypocrites.

    If you want an all natural pest control solution then give Bulwark a call. If you want a less expensive but still green service then give Bulwark a call.  If you want to get rid of your pests then give Bulwark a call.

    We are your solution for St. George pest control.

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