• The sting of the scorpion – medical information

    August 24, 2009

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    The scorpion sting is not an experience individuals should seek after.  No matter how mild or intense an individual’s reaction, a scorpion sting is painful.  Some consider the sting to be similar to the sting of a bumble bee. While others experience nausea, vomiting, burning sensations, and even temporary paralysis.  The reaction is based on both the type of scorpion, the venom carried by the scorpion species, and by the individual, their allergies, and their bodies ability to metabolize the venom.

    The good news is that most scorpion stings are non lethal. Most individuals will not need medical attention.  Children and the elderly are at an increased risk due to the frailty of their bodies.  Body weight often determines the bodies ability to metabolize the poisons. If stung and you feel an adverse reaction then call the poison control center.  If you experience trouble breathing then you should immediately go to the local St. George emergency room.  Breathing problems are what ultimately determine if a scorpion sting is fatal or not.  Essentially the toxins in the scorpion’s venom can cause the victim to stop breathing, making the scorpion sting deadly. So monitoring the stung individual’s breathing is the most vital step in protecting that individual from potential death.

    Bulwark Pest Control has protected over 20,000 scorpion troubled homes in the US.  For even better coverage ask about our Scorpion 20/20 protection plan.

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