• The Most Common Ant Invaders of Southern Utah

    October 19, 2012

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    Ants are one of the most thriving groups of insects. They are defined as social insects that live in colonies. Colonies are usually located in the ground, but many enter our homes looking for shelter and food. Ants eat almost every type of food, but those entering homes are looking specifically for sweets and anything with protein. They also can cause pain from stings or bites. They will spoil your food, and damage your property.

    St. George Ants

    The United States hosts almost 1,000 different species of ants. Of these, only 25 species commonly infest homes. There are six different species of ants that commonly infest St. George homes. The most common ants found in St. George include:

    Argentine Ants: Though the Argentine Ant is a small, non-stinging ant, it is very territorial and aggressive and will drive away or kill competing ant species. They make a chemical called iridomyr-mecin which they smear on their enemies to kill them or make them run away. Neighboring colonies of Argentine ants appear not to be aggressive toward each other, allowing for the rapid spread and domination of this species. More…

    Black Ants: Little black ants can carry 20 times their bodies weight. During the night, workers move eggs and young larvae deeper underground to protect them from the cold. More…

    Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants do not actually eat the wood they remove during nest-building activities. Instead, they deposit it in piles just outside the entrances to the colony. The wood is used solely as a nesting site. More…

    Fire Ants: Most red imported fire ant stings result in a raised welt that becomes a white pustule. If a person is allergic, however, he or she may experience a more grave reaction. Victims rarely receive a single sting; instead, a person typically receives many hundred stings simultaneously. Red imported fire ant colonies may contain numerous queens and have multiple satellite colonies. Up to 200 mounds per acre have been found. More…

    Harvester Ants: Harvester ant colonies are typically widely separated; however, there can be heavy infestations in pasture and rangeland. These ants are known to destroy agricultural crops and can significantly reduce crop yields if left uncontrolled. They colonize in ornamental turf and landscape areas where their presence is undesirable. More…

    Pharaoh Ants: Pharaoh ants mechanically transmit disease and contaminate sterile materials. Mature colonies can contain 300,000 or more members. More…

    Fire Ants are an example of a social insect sp...

    St. George Ant Control

    Ants attack and defend themselves by biting or stinging. When an ant stings, it will inject an acidic chemical which can cause pain, swelling, and/or irritation. Because of this, some ant species are widely considered a pest control problem. Unfortunately, because of the adaptive nature of most ant colonies, eliminating the entire group is nearly impossible. Therefore, it becomes a matter of controlling the local pest population, rather than exterminating the entire colony.

    If you are a St. George, UT resident, and you are seeing Black, Fire, Carpenter, Pharaoh, Harvester, or Argentine Ants in your home, contact an ant control specialist today!

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