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    Ants Voted Nation’s Top Nuisance Pest 

    Living in St. George, UT you have been well accustomed to those pesky biting ants; and you’re not the only one who finds them a nuisance.

    A nationwide survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) discovered that this country’s #1 pest nuisance is of course, the ant. Colonies are usually located in the ground, but ants become a major nuisance when they enter homes looking for shelter and food.

    Ants, like the black carpenter ant or the odorous house ant, frequently bite or sting. When an ant stings, it will inject an acidic chemical which can cause pain, swelling, and/or irritation.

    Ants will also tunnel through your property, and nest in the walls of your home. Ant infestations can even compromise the integrity of your home if the infestation is serious enough… Warranting them as more than just a nuisance.

    Ant Infestations Continue To Rise 

    The nationwide survey was conducted by asking licensed pest control professionals what their most common customer complaint is. Every single person surveyed stated that they have encountered ants in the last year; and the majority feel that ant infestations are on the rise.

    Here is a list of the most common ants in St. George, Utah:


    Breaking Down The Nation’s #1 Nuisance 

    Ant Control In St. George 

    The NMPA’s national survey also found that pest professionals are very successful in treating the majority of ant infestations. Ant control is a three-part process of inspection, identification and treatment.

    If you live in Southern Utah, and are frequently seeing ants around your home or property, get professional ant control today!

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