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    Black Widow Spider Eating Something

    As I go through my life, I pride myself in the fact that I am able to manage the few fears that I have. However, there is one fear that I have a very difficult time handling well: my phobia of spiders.

    I have some strange fears – claustrophobia of people, having water on my face, and seeing those pink and white Circus Animal cookies – but I don’t let them affect my everyday life. If I did, well, let’s say there would be no end to the torment my friends would do.

    Anyway, as long as the spiders are not moving and are not very big, I can usually keep my cool. If they start moving, though, I am not going to stick around.

    Black Widow Infestations

    In my book, there are few things scarier than the Black Widow.

    When I lived in Colorado, we started to have a Black Widow problem. They appeared on our porch, inside our cars, in the showers, and elsewhere. Needless to say, I was terrified of sleeping or sitting anywhere for fear that they would all attack me at once.

    However, rather than call a pest control company in Denver, my mom decided to catch the Black Widows and put them either in a plastic bag or jar.

    The one in the plastic bag was ceaselessly tormented as my mom tried to get it to squirt its poison. It did, and let’s just say that it did not placate my fear of it at all. It was terrifying.

    The ones in the jar did not have it much better. My mom put three or four of them in there at a time and waited for them to get so hungry that they would eat each other. Though my hatred of spiders is very, very deep, I had some sympathy for them. I truly believe that stomping on them or something would have been more humane than torturing them and forcing them into cannibalism.

    Ugh. I get shivers even thinking about it.

    Common Misconceptions

    Originally, I thought that you would die in a matter of hours if you got bitten by a Black Widow. I was always nervous that I would have to be rushed to the hospital in the event that one of the Black Widows decided to take its revenge out on us.

    However, one of my close friends’ brother got bitten by a Black Widow in his sleep, and he did not even know that it happened for several days. He finally noticed when he started limping on one leg that was considerably swollen and discolored.

    Apparently, a Black Widow’s venom works in the opposite way of a muscle relaxer. It makes your muscles tense up and would eventually constrict the movement of your heart, causing death. But, it takes more than a week for the venom to get there, if I recall correctly.

    Even though I know that I will not die if one of my mom’s fascinations comes running after me, I still do not want to take any chances. I mean, those black and red beings are freaky anyway. Their bodies are all disproportionate and nasty. I can handle snakes and most other bugs, but spiders are in a whole different category. Blech.

    I am a fan of pest control. I think it is one of the best inventions mankind could have created. I would really rather not deal with the creepy crawlies if I could avoid it.

    If you are like me, then having regular pest control is worth the investment.

    By Kassandra Konecny


    Kassandra Konecny has been writing creatively for years and has recently begun to turn those writing skills to write about pest control in Denver. Using her skills she has gained from attending English classes at the university level, she has been a successful pest control advocate.

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