• Top 3 Pests In St. George

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    With the summer of 2013 now officially at an end, I thought I’d ask the exterminators at Bulwark Pest Control in St. George what pests they were receiving the most phone calls about this past summer.

    These are the top three pests in St. George:

    3. Roaches


    Cockroaches can cause so many different health problems, spreading bacteria, parasites and worms. In fact, germs that roaches pick up from consuming garbage and sewage are actually protected by a roaches’ body and can remain alive and active for weeks; allowing the dirty bugs to spread germs. It should come as no surprise, that roaches are called about quite frequently in St. George. In addition to being dirty disease spreading bugs, roaches are also very hardy and multiply like crazy. When you start to see a few of these inside your home or kitchen, it’s best to call a St. George roach exterminator before the problem grows.

    2. Spiders

    Black Widow Spider

    Despite the fact that spiders are beneficial, gobbling up millions of Southern Utah pests by injecting a chemical that liquefies their victims; nobody wants to find one in their bedroom. Of all the different species of spiders found in St. George, the Black Widow spider is the most infamous. With her shiny black abdomen marked underneath by a bright red hour glass, the Black Widow spider is unmistakable. When a homeowner finds a few in his or her home, they know that they are dealing with this venomous spider. Frequent sightings of Black Widow spiders require professional St. George spider control.

    1. Ants

    Fire ants

    A nation-wide survey was recently done by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) in which participants were asked what pests they are experiencing the most. The number one response was ants. Those findings were equally shared by the residents of St. George, UT; as ants were the number one called about pests.

    Carpenter ants, Field ants, Pavement ants, and Fire ants are all found in St. George. With St. George’s dry weather and moderate winters, it allows these ants to multiply and spread very rapidly. Serious infestations of these ants require professional St. George ant control.

    St. George Pest Control

    If you live in Southern Utah, and are frequently seeing roaches, spiders, or ants of any kind, it’s time to call a St. George exterminator!

    Bulwark Exterminating
    56 North 500 East
    St. George, UT 84770
    (435) 627-8840

    Truly Nolen Pest Control
    630 North 3050 East
    St. George, UT 84790
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    3568 West 900 South
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    (801) 618-2410

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    Growing a Good Pest Control Business

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    Growing a successful business is about treating customers right. For a business owner, conveying one’s passion and care for the customers all the way through the ranks of an organization can be challenging. It’s the same telephone game we use to play as kids. The owner starts out by saying, “Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.” and as it get passed from owner to manager, to middle manager, to uppers, to lowers, to accountants, to receptionists, to the guy that shows up at your home the message get changed and the passion and desires of the owner get mixed up until its, “Cost more sucks frictions of promising gold.”

    Our solution, to this is keep the organization’s line of communication clear and direct and the business like a family. Or as one of customer’s so lovingly put it, “Small enough to care, big enough to do it right.”

    And it seems to work… Here is Google review from a  St. George customer complimenting our technician Daniel…

    “Daniel Flores is our tech for Bulwark. He arrived this week just as I was leaving for work and I requested he spray inside due to the heat bringing more bugs indoors. Knowing I wanted to leave quickly Daniel promptly went to work getting the inside done so I could be on my way. I had not requested an indoor spraying because I wasn’t sure of my work schedule. He was courteous and competent as always, and we have come to expect great service from Daniel and Bulwark for over four years. Thank you!”

    debbiejill224? – Jul 19, 2009

    Thanks Debbie!  We look forward to another great 4 years!

    94% of customers recommend our service to friends and family.

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    Green Pest Control – Wall Street Journal

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    The other day we were delighted to receive a phone call from the wall street journal asking about our green pest control solutions. Adam spent some time on the phone with her explaining the pest control industry and how efficacy directly affects profit margins. Mesa, Ariz.-based Bulwark Exterminating LLC, which operates 11 branches in eight states, uses only botanical sprays and boric-acid products (also derived from boron) whenever customers request all-natural solutions and often includes them as part of an overall treatment plan even when they don’t.

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    Green Pest Control – Wall Street Journal

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    Pest Control is more than just spraying for bugs.

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    Pest Control is more than just spraying for bugs…The Las Vegas staff have received 71 compliments in less than 10days.

    Read the original here:
    Pest Control is more than just spraying for bugs.

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