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    St. George, UT is very beautiful. It is home to Dixie State University, and it is also surrounded by great landscaping. The weather is also amazing year round. The weather will draw hundreds of visitors every year. It will also allow pests to live through out the whole year.

    What pests live in St. George?

    With the weather never really dropping down past a freezing point for months at a time, most pests will thrive in St. George. Some pests that are seen in St. George are: crickets, cockroaches, spiders, ants, earwigs, and scorpions.

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    Where do pests live? 

    Most of these pests will live on the outside but of the home but if not treated will start moving their way into the home. On the outside, most of the pests will live by the plants. The plants will offer the pest a good food source, and also a supple amount of water. When the pests start to overpopulate, they will then move toward the home. Around the whole home is small area where there are holes so the home can breathe. The pest will find these holes and make their way in to walls of the home. Inside the walls is where they can live and be protected year around; and if not treated will only get worse.

    How can pests be controlled?

    If pests are not controlled they will infest your whole home. To truly control them, a pest control company will have to treat your home. A pest control company will be able to treat the pests at the source and move the pests off your property.

    What will a pest control company do? 

    In order to control the pests, a company will need to do a three part treatment. The first part will need to be done on the inside of the home. Since most of the pests live inside the walls of the home, that area will need to be treated. To treat this area, an in wall treatment will be done. To do this the face plates will need to be taken off and a product will be placed in to the walls of the home. This product will exterminate any pests infested inside the walls. The 2nd and 3rd part of the treatment will take place on the outside. One will be done by treating the foundation of the home using a power sprayer. The power sprayer will have the ability to treat into the soil, and get under any rocks. The other will be to kill the pests at the source of the problem; and that is the plants. To treat this area, granules are used. The granules are activated by water. This will allow the product to seep down to the base of the plants and roots, where the pests live, and exterminate them. Doing this kind of treatment will ensure a pest free home.

    How can I know if a company does this kind of treatment? 

    The best way to see if a pest control company does this kind of treatment is to look at the reviews. Reviews can be found online at Yelp, Google, and Angie’s list.

    Pest Control St. George

    Bulwark Exterminating
    56 North 500 East
    St. George, UT 84770
    (435) 627-8840

    Truly Nolen Pest Control
    630 North 3050 East
    St. George, UT 84790
    (435) 688-1092

    3568 West 900 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    (801) 618-2410

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    Pest control St. George UT

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    “The technician ask if we were having any problems before he sprayed. He went the extra mile to spray the areas where we have had problems with pests. Very friendly and helpful.”

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