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    Is there an all natural pest control solution that really works? What natural pest control products do work? How effective are these products? Is natural pest control safer?

    Well the Wall Street Journal went digging for the answers to these questions. Along they way they interviewed Adam of Bulwark Pest Control. St. George is one of Bulwark’s locations and its only location in Utah. And Bulwark’s customer is quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

    Here is what Bulwark’s customer told the Wall Street Journal about Bulwark’s all natural service:

    “I’ve seen no excess insects since switching,” 39-year-old Ms. Kidd says, “and I’ve got bugs in the yard around my chicken coop, but not on my patio or in my house.”

    To read more about the Green Pest Control Article and Wall Street Journal’s All Natural pest control article click here.

    Want a natural pest control solution then read on…

    Natural Pest Control WSJ Report

    Bulwark has offered a green pest control service to their customers for over ten years.  Being green for Bulwark is about first keeping their technicians safe.  And if its good for the technicians then its good for the customers.  One of the first questions asked by many customer “Is your pest control safe for my family?”  And for that reason, Bulwark built its company on offering the most effective service with the lowest impact to the enviroment and mammals possible.

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    Green Pest Control – Wall Street Journal

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    The other day we were delighted to receive a phone call from the wall street journal asking about our green pest control solutions. Adam spent some time on the phone with her explaining the pest control industry and how efficacy directly affects profit margins. Mesa, Ariz.-based Bulwark Exterminating LLC, which operates 11 branches in eight states, uses only botanical sprays and boric-acid products (also derived from boron) whenever customers request all-natural solutions and often includes them as part of an overall treatment plan even when they don’t.

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    Green Pest Control – Wall Street Journal

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